Santa Fe Film Festival 2008

Nov 21 - Dec 02, 2008

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We're sorry, this competition has ended.

  • BEIJING GIRL: Made in China

    • 90 min - 14 views

    Beijing Girl is a candid, thought provoking, insider’s view of Beijing which includes background history from the Opium Wars through the Cultural Revolution to present day

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  • Beyond The Fences

    • 93 min - 14 views

    In 1930's Studio City, a little girl from the desert struggles to find a sense of belonging when forced to move in with grandparents she has never met.

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  • In The Name Of The Son

    • 25 min - 13 views

    Years after escaping war, a Bosnian refugee is forced to confront his past.

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  • Once Upon A Time In An...

    • 10 min - 14 views

    If You Can't Beat Them, Evict Them. If You Can't Evict Them...

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  • Proud Iza

    • 20 min - 14 views

    How singular life is, how changeable! What a little thing it takes to save you or to lose you.

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  • River

    • 21 min - 14 views

    A classic boy meets fish story, 'River' is a contemporary folktale. A young man falls in love with a woman who happens to be a fish.

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  • Six Man, Texas

    • 71 min - 13 views

    A story of the real Friday Night Lights

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