Palm Beach International Film Festival

Apr 12 - 25, 2010

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We're sorry, this competition has ended.

  • Encuentro (Encounter)

    • 21 min - 349 views

    What would happen if, three years later, you suddenly bumped into the person who broke your heart? Sergio is about to find out... 

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  • Road to Moloch

    • 17 min - 258 views

    Three marines follow a wounded man to a cave that may be the home of evil incarnate.

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  • Spoiler

    • 15 min - 270 views

    Two serial spoilers of other people's movie entertainment learn the hard way that no one likes finding out what happens at the end.

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  • The Mill

    • 10 min - 349 views

    A family camping trip takes an unexpected turn when a young boy awakes in their tent to find that he is entirely alone.  

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  • The New Tenants

    • 21 min - 340 views

    When fate comes knocking

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