AJC Seattle Jewish Film Festival 2012

Mar 1 - 31, 2012

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We're sorry, this competition has ended.

  • An Oasis On The Hill

    • 12 min - 39 views

    Omer and Rami have grown up in an atypical Israeli village, where Jews and Arabs live together in friendship and dialog.

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  • Ben-Gurion Hosting

    • 13 min - 40 views

    We meet Ben-Gurion in his desert home in Sde-Boker.

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  • Lesbian Passover

    • 12 min - 40 views

    A yearly San Francisco passover Seder with a guest list of entirely lesbians, is documented by a young male filmmaker and his loud and opinionated Grandfather.

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  • On My Doorstep

    • 6 min - 39 views

    A young woman is leading a sheltered and lonely life. Compromising her defenses, an event sends her into a spin.

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  • The Fig Tree

    • 14 min - 41 views

    There is a legend in the neighborhood of AlbaicĂ­n passed on from mothers to children for centuries...

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  • The Promised Land

    • 15 min - 40 views

    An Israeli woman gives shelter to an illegal Nigerian emigre and her son in this moving story.

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