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“Too often great films don’t reach their audience. IndieFlix will change that.”

Jeff Kramer

Writer/Director, 'Smile'

“I wish more filmmakers would self-distribute as a first choice, rather than a last resort. Yeah, it’s a pride-swallowing, infinitely challenging experience, but it’ll change your life in the most beautiful and empowering ways. The minute I decided to purposely and aggressively control my film’s journey from beginning to end, IndieFlix became an invaluable partner. Those Indieflixers truly love filmmakers, and it shows in everything they do. I’m proud that THIS IS THE LIFE is now a part of the company’s history as its first day-and-date theatrical/DVD release.”

Ava DuVernay

Filmmaker, 'This Is The Life'

“IndieFlix has done amazing things for a crackpot comedy I produced called Freedom State. It did well on the festival circuit and became somewhat of a cult film among some people who saw it. IndieFlix helped us out by making it available on their website, and then they did something even more amazing and got us distribution on Netflix and iTunes. All of the cast and crew put so much hard work into the project. Won’t they be surprised when I get to tell them about our new distribution channels?! They will be thrilled that people who love unusual films like they do will have a chance to see Freedom State thanks to IndieFlix!”

Aaron Kirk Douglas

Producer, 'Freedom State'

“The business model IndieFlix developed is a win-win – especially for already cash-strapped filmmakers. A dedication to an even playing field with a fair and accountable financial agreement for filmmakers, is a rare and coveted element in the all-talk no-walk world of indie distribution.”

Melissa Scaramucci

Writer/Director, 'Making Arrangements'

“Filmmakers are wondering how to get their work out in a more accessible way. There is confusion around how to best release across outlets like iTunes and Hulu. Indie filmmakers need what IndieFlix delivers.”

Lance Weiler

Filmmaker and Founder of 'From Here To Awesome,' 'The Workbook Project,' and 'DIY Days.'

“I was honored and proud to be a part of this inaugural launch. I wish you HUGE success and hope that as a filmmaker, I can continue to work with you to change the course of history!”

Stephanie Bell

Producer, 'Robbie’s Withdrawal'

“It was very exciting to align with such a forward thinking, independent-minded company. I was truly honored to be a part of it. Congrats to all at IndieFlix!”

Warren Etheredge

"We are the ones who appreciate all you are doing for actual independent films and the people who make them. You are leading a needed charge to return to what independent films used to be about. Thanks again!"

Christopher Kontoes

Filmmaker, 'The Porn Eaters'

“Thank you! You are truly the bleeding edge. The cutting edge has been surpassed.”

Jesse Quackenbush

Director, 'The Last Word'

“Thanks in no small part to the exposure from IndieFlix, I have been offered a distribution contract which will put both films directly into video stores!”

William Lee