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Children of the X-Files

90 mins Teen 2009 US United States of America





"Children of the X-Files" turns the X-Files genre upside down in this campy comedy that features bouncing breasts beckoning Alien invaders. Peter thought he had it all, a fabulous home, a beautiful wife, a successful career, until he discovers his wife is having an affair! Is her secret lover an Angel, a Demon, or an Alien? His wife believes she has had Alien Twins and must find them. Peter must race against govt. agents & UFO's to find her before she causes an Apocalypse. "I Love Lucy" meets "The X-Files" in "Children of the X Files", a 35mm International UFO Congress Film Festival award winning dark satire of the UFO experience. The story is based on abducted housewife's testimonials found in the secret L.A.P.D. X files obtained by police forensic artist and UFO researcher William L. McDonald (Nightline, Encounters, Unsolved Mysteries). Banned by every Muslim country as well as the Hollywood Establishment, "Children of the X-Files" has been praised by the International UFO Congress for its wealth of revelations about the incompetence of the U.S. cover up of Human/Alien sexual encounters. Can you handle the truth? Can you handle the laughs? Starring Linda Loftin, Danney Fendley, Wendy Braun, Jay Ehler, and William L. McDonald as himself.


New York International Independent Film & Video Festival -- Best Feature Animation (Won)
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences -- Best Feature Animation (Won)


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Michael O'Conn
4 years, 3 months ago

Banned in 14 countries for being to controversial for the public, "Children of the X-Files" exposes the truth behind the U.S. Government cover-up of Alien abductions of 1000's of suburban women. This film satirizes the incompetence of the MJ-12 program to marginalize these events so that the public will disregard the truth, until it happens to them!