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First World

25 mins Teen 2007 US United States of America
Sci-Fi & Fantasy



The revelation of mankind on the eve of the next space race to the Moon.


Set in the year 2018, First World is an account of what NASA discovered and covered up during the Apollo missions that is now unraveling on a global scale on the eve of the next space race to the Moon between China and the United States.


California Independent Film Festival


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2 years, 7 months ago

It certainly would have been nice if this film production had some real money thrown at it so it could become a full length feature film with high end production value. I enjoyed the film but was left hanging and truly wondering what the Hell was going on. The Apollo program - what supposedly happened during that time? Obviously a moonbase is fully established, bravo. But when and why? Too many questions left open for this film to really do anything other than leave the viewer with a very empty feeling. I for one vote for a full movie and would hope that the film maker(s) are given a chance to really flesh out their true vision of where this movie could ultimately go. It would also make a great weekly TV series on HBO or Showtime. All in all, 3 out of 5 stars, mostly for effort on a budget. A real shame this is not a full length movie. - John in Tucson