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Junko's Shamisen

11 mins Teen 2010 CA Canada
Animations  /  Dramas  /  Foreign  /  Sci-Fi & Fantasy  /  Thrillers



This graphic novel-like animation has won "best short" several times! 11 minutes of revenge.

A young Japanese orphan, and her mystical friend, exact poetic justice on a malevolent samurai lord.


Set in the rural backwoods of feudal Japan, a young peasant girl named Junko, returns home to discover her blind grandfather brutally murdered. Filled with despair, Junko, accompanied by a mystical fox spirit, abandons her old life and sets off for the village in search of better fortune. While begging, young Junko inadvertently encounters the evil samurai lord responsible for killing her grandfather and with the influence of the fox spirit, avenges her grandfather through an act of gruesome poetic justice.


Slamdance Film Festival -- Best Short (Nominated)
SXSW Film Festival -- Best Short Animation (Nominated)
Santa Barbara International Film Festival -- Best Short (Nominated)
Nashville Independent Film Festival -- Best Short (Nominated)
Seattle International Film Festival -- Best Short (Nominated)
Boston Independent Film Festival -- Best Short (Nominated)
Atlantic Film Festival -- Best Short (Won)
Toronto After Dark Film Festival -- Best Short (Won)
Woodstock Film Festival -- Honorable Mention (Won)
deadCENTER Film Festival -- Best Short (Won)


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2 months ago

Wow, this is Art, this is entertainment, this is filmmaking. What a great concept, style and design. The film is a very unique aproach to story telling.

Laura Palmer
5 months ago

Hardcore. Beautiful effects. I enjoyed the graphic novel style!

7 months, 4 weeks ago

Interesting combination of living actors and animation. A bit gruesome, though.

Sharon Barry
1 year, 2 months ago

A little brutal in the end. And very well put together. Actually amazing.