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40 mins Adult 2006 US United States of America



Three gamblers in search of a fool proof way of beating the bookies. What they come across will shock you!


Beat the Bookie is the game. The plan is fail proof but not fool proof. The players Bo and Rico,are born losers that were born to fail,but not this time. Bo and Rico have got a virtual gambling time machine built for one specific reason-beat the system. A traveling lingerie salesman, Hymie Shapiro, has got the cash and an in at some 'Big Money Joints'. Together, three losers, screwed time and time again put what little if any luck they may have to the test in a winner take all, loser lose all, even life, chance at winning some heavy bread. But heavy bread don't mean a thing if your very dead!


Method Fest


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Mark r.
4 years, 3 months ago

Note from Director: LIVEWIRE was a project that came to me by a complete fluke.I was visiting the Santa Anita racetrack and met a older fellow gambler Al Bozzi who was here visiting from NY.After I mentioned I was a filmmaker his ears perked up and said he had a lifetime of horseracing gambling stories sitting home in a box and that it was his dream to see his stories told.Well being the horse fanatic like him I said I would look forward to reading a few, well two weeks later I got two boxes on my doorstep!After reading most of them the one that kept rising to the top was LIVEWIRE.Well fast forward 4 years we finally were able to set a start date.With help of my Producer Brian Gork and camera operator Richard Swindell we gave ourselves a 6 day shoot. Casting BO (albozzi) was our first piece of business. After having over 100 NY/Italian types show up it was Michael Cavalieri who stood out. His partners in crime RICO Dion Derizzo and HYMIE Johnny Venokur were next. From there it was time to find the location,we found a building that was set to be demolished so we had 4 rooms that our production design team turned into the gambling joint, the bookie room,BO's apt.and of course the place where they purchased the gimmick.Well I would love to say the 6 days went off without a hitch but I would be an absolute liar.We had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at us and the one thing that kept us going at a average of 60 setups a day and 14 hour days was the old man in the background watching our every move AL BOZZI himself.He was there as our technical advisor and caught a little bit of the acting bug himself by playing the bookie collector in the cage. After the 6th day we were pretty beat up and now the tedious job of editing was in the hands Richard Swindell our MVP.After 8 months of working the project to perfection we finally had LIVEWIRE in the can and ready to submit to film festivals. The Method Fest was one of the first and getting the letter of acceptance was truly something we were all proud of and getting the BOZZI"s to fly out and attend was something I was looking forward to. The day of the screening LIVEWIRE was the 3rd film to be viewed the tension u could cut with knife I sat in the back next to AL and my mom and waited to see our hardwork up on the big screen.The opening sound of the buglers race call gave me the chills and from that moment on I was in the moment and watched not only the screen but the reactions from the people that were in the audience.No one seem to be falling asleep and no one was walking out so with that I sat up a little taller in my seat.All was good 40 minutes went by in a snap,The crowd was clapping the cast turned and stood up to acknowledge AL and for me it was the tear in his eye that made it all worth it!At that point I had only wished that we could continue telling his stories and bring that joy to him for many more years to come.Love you AL thanks for your lifetime of inspiration. Director Mark Riccardi