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107 mins Teen 2009 US United States of America
Dramas  /  Romance  /  Thrillers



Murder, romance, and family intrigue help Kate come to terms with her past in this dramatic feature film.


Rachel is killed. A year later Kate, a young jazz DJ, finds Ted, her boyfriend, in bed with another woman. She leaves Boston for her mother's place in Vermont. There, she finds that her problems with her mother haven't gone away, and that her grandmother, her mother's enemy, has just moved in because of memory problems. Ted follows Kate to Vermont, Kate meets Hal, and murder, romance, and family intrigue follow. Who murdered Rachel? Is Kate in danger? Will she finally find love? Is she with the wrong guy again? Why does her grandmother say, 'Did I ever tell you your mother is a whore?' What happens when Kate finds her mother in bed with Rolands? Why does Hal kick Ted's ass? Who done it and why?


New Jersey International Festival -- Honorable Mention (Won)
Washougal International Film Festival -- Official Selection (Nominated)
New Hope International Film Festival (New Hope, Pennsylvania) -- Official Selection (Nominated)
Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood -- Award Of Merit (Won)
Honolulu International Film Festival -- Award of Excellence (Won)
Los Angeles Reel Film Festival -- Honorable Mention (Won)
Los Angeles Movie Awards -- Best Actress (Won)
Los Angeles Movie Awards -- Best Screenplay (Won)
Los Angeles Movie Awards -- Award of Excellence (Won)
Los Angeles Movie Awards -- Best Original Song (Won)
Boston International Film Festival -- Special Jury Award (Won)
Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood -- Award Of Merit (Won)


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5 months, 3 weeks ago

Too slow and a lot of bad acting.

1 year, 5 months ago

Nice plot but predictable and too slow.

Levi S
1 year, 8 months ago

Katherine Partington gives an amazing performance. She's truly great and the reason to watch this film.