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The Dinner Date

66 mins Teen 2012 GB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Comedies  /  Foreign  /  Romance



"The Dinner Date" is quirky, slightly mean, and ever so dysfunctional romantic comedy about finding love, even where you don't expect it.


Maggie and Charles could be soul mates, but they’re destined to never meet. So Eve covertly sets ‘the dinner date’ into action amidst her boyfriend Steve’s protest. But with this seemingly good intention comes an unforeseen dilemma. Will Eve wish she had never tampered with fate?


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Darlene Martin
10 months, 2 weeks ago

This is a great film except the 2.5 minutes of credits both before and after is a bit much.

Stephanie Pate
1 year, 2 months ago

This was a fun film. The acting was wonderful...I loved Maggie and Charles. Too cute.

1 year, 3 months ago

This is a sweet, gem of a film that I recommend highly. Independent films like this are becoming my favorites, and this one reinforced that trend. I watched The Dinner Date with my wife and another couple, and we all enjoyed it. We each came away with our favorite characters and bits of the film that we talked about over dinner afterward. My favorite character was Steve, but I really fell for the relationship developed between Maggie and Charles. I don't want to write a spoiler into this review, so you'll have to watch it yourself to see the comedy that ensues. Watch this alone, with a friend. It's a "date movie," but not in the strict sense. You'll like this no matter who you see this with.

1 year, 3 months ago

The characters really made this film for me. While they were very humorous, I felt I could relate to each one in a totally different way. Really enjoyed it, would recommend it.

1 year, 3 months ago

Watched this with my girlfriend and was surprised at how much I liked it too. I could really relate to Steve (haha). Brillant flick!

1 year, 3 months ago

Loved this movie! Never stopped laughing. Pure entertainment.

Silent Bob
1 year, 3 months ago