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The Holy Deuce

94 mins Adult 2009 US United States of America
Comedies  /  Cult



The incredible story of a grad student, his two slacker roommates, and the Virgin-Mary-shaped-poop that appears in their toilet and tears their world apart.


When one of Art’s freeloading friends leaves a “floater” in his toilet that resembles the Virgin Mary, the normally neat and reserved grad student must confront a sea of tourists, religious zealots and hedonistic cult members making their daily pilgrimage to his apartment. And when the ideologically opposed factions begin clashing head-on, Art has to act quickly - before all Hell breaks loose and his life spins out of his control.


Friar's Club Comedy Film Festival


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Boaz D.
4 years, 1 month ago

It's amazing what these guys were able to do on a small budget. The story had a lot of social commentary but was funny the whole way through. Great pacing and some great visual scenes.