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How to Submit a Film

Each film that is submitted goes through a submission review process and an acceptance process. In the submission review process, we review your film from your online screener or DVD.

Once we have received and screened your film, we will contact you. If your film is accepted or we've contacted you for acquisitions, please refer to the Acceptance Process below. To qualify for IndieFlix, films need to have screened at a film festival, however, we do occasionally make exceptions.

The film submission is a two part process:

Submission Process:

  • 1. If you do not have an account with IndieFlix, create one for free. IMPORTANT: Please create the IndieFlix account as the profile of the Director or Producer. This will be the filmmaker profile attached to the film on our site.

  • 2. "Start the submission process"

  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions for entering your metadata for your film. "Lock and Submit" your film once you are complete. Once you "Lock and Submit" your film, you cannot make changes to the info for your film through your Dashboard. You must submit a change request to to update any of your info.

  • 4. Please send us a link to an online screener or mail us a DVD screener. Send us your DVD to: 4314 E. Madison St., Seattle, WA 98112.

  • 5. We will notify you if your film has been accepted. Look over our Movie Format and Asset Requirements section to speed up the process if we accept your film.

    • You must retain the license for all music in your films.
    • We may also require a chain of title in the rare cases your film has transferred several legal owners.
  • 6. Once you have submitted your film please sign your contract and email it to

    *We are very excited to announce that we are in the process of launching a new user experience set to debut in late January or early February. What this will mean for you as filmmakers is access to data, analytics, minutes viewed and what devices. We believe that filmmakers will be able to make the most of their distribution journey if they are armed with information to help identify where their audience lives.

    *Our current wait time to assess film submissions is 6-8 weeks. We will get back to you and we thank you in advance for your patience.

Acceptance Process:

  • 1. Once your film has been accepted, we need you to send us a Film Contract and the appropriate tax form. If the film rights holder is in the U.S., that will be a W9 tax form, and if the film rights holder is outside the U.S. we will need a W-8BEN tax form.*

  • 2. We require you to send us all your high quality content including a QuickTime film and trailer master, title card, movie poster, subtitles (if any), director headshot(s), director bio, press kits and any assets you use to promote your film. See the Movie Format and Asset Requirements page for details and specs. Contact for any questions regarding anything technical.

  • 3. You can send us your assets through Dropbox or Google Drive. We can accept film assets sent on hard drive through snail mail. Refer to our How to Send Us Your Assets page for instructions on how to send us your materials.

* In order to be released we must have both the Film Contract and appropriate tax form. We will NOT release your film if we are missing these documents. Your information remains strictly confidential.

Filmmakers DO have options. You CAN be an independent success

IndieFlix is a “filmmakers first” online marketplace and distribution company created to empower filmmakers (both as artists and as entrepreneurs) and to make film festival selected works from around the world available to a broad multi-platform audience. IndieFlix is not the typical distribution company, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Even if your film becomes available on IndieFlix, it doesn't mean you will automatically start making money. Getting your film onto these platforms is just the first step. You have to help drive traffic and get people to watch your film. This is why building an audience is so important.

We're Non-Exclusive

With IndieFlix, filmmakers are not locked in and are always free to explore other outlets.

The Money Part

Filmmakers with films on will share the royalty pool based on minutes viewed of their film by paying subscribers.

Available Revenue Sources

Online Streaming on We offer both a monthly and annual streaming membership that grant unlimited access to all movies on IndieFlix.

Xbox 360 and Roku: IndieFlix has apps on Xbox 360 and Roku so members have access to IndieFlix films on multiple platforms.

As advancements in technology continue to close the gap between the internet and television, IndieFilx stays up to speed – ensuring that our filmmakers benefit in the most meaningful ways.

Payment Information

IndieFlix subscription and streaming royalties are paid out on a quarterly basis. You may choose the method of payment – either by PayPal account or check – and expect it to arrive 90 business days after the quarter ends. Please note, your filmmaker backend accounting currently only tracks sales from

About The Marketing

Once your film is officially listed as an IndieFlix, we help with the marketing component. All available digital assets are utilized such as preview scene clips, trailers, stills and reviews as well as other communication methods like blogging, facebooking and tweeting.

Other Ways We Can Help

IndieFlix can customize the distribution of your film by delivery method and territory. For instance if you would like to distribute your film only in digital format, and only to Canada and Portugal, it’s no problem.

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