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Viewer Support

Welcome to the Viewer Support Center. Here you will find some hints for solving problems you might be experiencing while viewing content.

System Requirements

We recommend the following minimum system requirements in order to enjoy the best possible movie streaming experience.

  • For Windows XP Users
    • 32/64-bit Windows XP SP2 with all current updates applied
    • Pentium III processor or better
    • At least 512MB of RAM (1GB or more recommended)
  • For Windows Vista Users
    • Any 32/64-bit version of Windows Vista with all current updates applied
    • Pentium IV processor or better
    • At least 1GB of RAM (1.5GB or more recommended)
  • For Mac OS X Users
    • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or above
    • At least 512MB of RAM (1GB or more recommended)
    • G4processor or higher

Internet Requirements

  • Broadband/high speed Internet connection (DSL or Cable) with a download speed of at least 800kbps (higher download speeds are required for higher bitrate content). You can check your speed here:

Browser Settings

JavaScript must be enabled. There are different steps depending on your browser of choice:

  • Internet Explorer
    • Choose Internet Options from the Tools dropdown menu
    • Click Security
    • Click the Custom Level button
    • Scroll down and click the Enable button under Active Scripting and Scripting of Java Applets
    • Click OK and then Yes again on any confirmation prompts
    • Restart IE
  • Firefox
    • Choose Options from the Tools menu
    • Click the Content button
    • Check the box next to Enable JavaScript
    • Click OK
    • Restart Firefox
  • Safari
    • Choose Preferences from the Safari menu
    • Click the Security button
    • Check the box next to Enable JavaScript
    • Close the Preferences window
    • Reload the page


  • Why does my video playback become slow or jittery?

    This can happen if there are extreme fluctuations in available bandwidth or if your computer has a very high processor or disk load. If your internet connection speed falls below the minimum requirement for a certain video for too long, you may experience times of slow or jittery playback or the player may tell you that it is “buffering." The only way to fix this is to watch a lower bitrate video or wait until your Internet connection speeds up.

    If your computer is working too hard, the CPU is overtaxed, or your hard drive is constantly reading and writing data, you might also experience jittery playback or have the player tell you it is “buffering." You can check this on a Windows machine by opening the Task Manager and looking at the CPU load or watching your hard drive light to see if it is constantly on. The fix is to reduce the load on your CPU and system by closing applications that are not related to watching video. To see if you have a lot of services running, look at your system tray at the lower right of the screen or in the Processes list in Task Manager.

  • Why am I seeing pixelated video?

    It is likely that the video was prepared using low bitrates which results in low quality and may look pixelated or blocky. Content providers may use lower bitrates in order to support viewers with slower internet connections.

  • How do I run a speed test of my internet connection?

    Go to

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