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Alex Horwitz

Alex won Best Horror/Suspense Film at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Intl. Independent Film Festival for his short film, "Alice Jacobs is Dead". As an editor, Alex cut Terry Gilliam's short film, "The Legend of Hallowdega". As a writer, he collaborated with Tony and Grammy-winning Broadway composer/star Lin-Manuel Miranda ("In the Heights") on a feature-length screenplay, "Basket Case", a dark 90's high school musical. Alex's short film, "The J2 Project", explores the cloning of Jesus Christ, and has been released worldwide on Troma DVD. A one-time assistant to director Julie Taymor, Alex started working in New York film production on films such as "Across the Universe", "Spider-Man 3", and Martin Scorsese's "Shine a Light". Alex grew up inspired by his father, a Broadway writer/director and former Ringling Bros. clown, and his mother, a classically-trained mezzo soprano. An avowed devotee of all things geek, Alex writes Bite Me Fanblog whenever the Muse takes him.