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Stephen Troy

Stephen Troy is an up and coming filmmaker working independently in and around Boston. Working since High School, he has created short films both for himself and for friends and colleagues. During his undergraduate studies, he worked on over 30 different productions both through the school and independently, serving as director, writer, producer, editor, cinematographer, gaffer, sound recordist, sound designer, and more. These productions have won awards from national events such as the 48 Hour Film Festival and the Campus MovieFest, as well as school related festivals such as the Open Reel Film Festival and the 5 Day Film Festival. Five have already been featured in his school’s annual Juried Honors Exhibitions. His work has also been screened at independent film festivals, including the 25th Annual Boston Film Festival. Stephen is always striving for more as he hones his talent and craft, working for other filmmakers on projects such as the shorts We Gatta Eat and Obedience, working on music videos for bands such as Big D and the Kid's Table, and directing his own projects such as Revenge of the Nail and Liz. Currently directing a feature documentary, Dale and the Duds, with more features on the way, Stephen will continue to work hard and try new things.