Almost Runaways

12 mins Teen 2012 US United States of America
Action & Adventure  /  Comedies  /  Romance



He's ready to go. Almost.


The crackle of a walkie-talkie awakens young Neal (Mitch Hollis) late in the night. The voice is from Marley (Katie Sims), a troubled local girl and the object of his affection. Neal rides his bike over to see if she's okay and Marley proposes they run away together to see the world. As he races home to gather more things than he could ever use, so does his mind to all corners of the Earth before eventually arriving at the all- important question..."Where are we going?”


LA Shorts Fest
HollyShorts Film Festival
Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival
Las Vegas Film Festival
Naperville Independent Film Festival
SoCal Film Festival
Santa Clarita International Film Festival


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