Angels Of Bataan

39 mins Teen 2006 US United States of America



Not only soldiers serve. 40 minutes in honor of U.S. nurses in WWII.

WWII U.S. Nurses


A group of American nurses are sent to the Philippines to start work at the Sternberg General Hospital in Manila. The nurses are ordered to help built and staff hospitals in the middle of the malaria - infested jungle. Then short of supplies and medicine, they work around the clock in the operation rooms and open - wards while being constantly under enemy fire. The day before Bataan falls to the Japanese, the Army evacuates the nurses to Malinta Tunnel on the island of Corregidor. After Corregidor surrenders to the Japanese, the nurses are transferred to Santo Tomas Internment Camp in Manila. Here they remain prisoners of war until U.S. troops liberate them in 1945.


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