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68 mins Family 2011 US United States of America
Documentaries  /  Dramas



In this poignant ode to the immigrant working class and the intrinsic bond shared between community and national identity, Yousef Elhaj expresses the lengths one must go for love and for family.


Ten years ago during the second Intifada, Yousef Elhaj left his wife and three small children in Bethlehem to start a new life for them in San Francisco. For a decade he has worked day and night to build his business, save for their future, and remain connected from afar, while waiting to become a legal US citizen. Finally, he is permitted to return to his fractured homeland to reunite with his wife and his now grown children. But a lot has changed and Yousef must confront these new realities and decide with his family if a life in America is still what’s best for all of them. In three acts, Yousef’s story reminds all of us that, when it comes to family, there is nothing that can’t be endured.


Starz Denver Film Festival
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
San Francisco Indiefest -- Audience Award Best Documentary Feature (Won)
St. Louis International Film Festival


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