Dying to Get In: Undocumented Immigration at the U.S. Mexican Border

39 mins Family 2005 US United States of America



A documentary maker embeds himself with a group of Mexicans crossing the border into the U.S.


"Dying to Get In" provides an intimate perspective of border crossing and the people who cross. The U.S./Mexican border, dubbed the "gauntlet of death" is infiltrated first-hand by documentarian Brett Tolley in this gritty examination. In his effort to further understand the relationships between developed and developing countries, the viewer is pulled deep into the Arizona desert where so many have already perished. Along the U.S./Mexican border, since 1994, the number of deaths in the Southern Arizona desert has continued to increase until the Summer of 2005 when it reached a record high. Many of these deaths occurred from dehydration. Insight into America's undocumented population shows that trade policies and economic sanctions have effectively forced people off of their own land. This phenomena is one of the world's best vehicles for learning the effects of globalization. It is Brett's tenet that as a global community, it is our responsibility to understand the relationships


ARPA International Film Festival


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