Flesh Eating Ghouls from Outer Space

19 mins Teen 2009 US United States of America



Brock Buttman reports to you "live" as the Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space assault earth. Cult, family favorite, all original puppet production from outer space, featuring the "Twinkie Song", "Don't Go Out There" and more.


As legions of flesh-eating ghouls descend from the stars to consume the human race, fearless reporter Brock Buttman braves the chaos in order to deliver a live news report. When the only hope for mankind appears to be the military, an adorable little girl, and the tasty yellow snack-cake with a creamy delicious filling, the masses begin to wonder whether this is just a mischievous military prank or an elaborate ruse to send gas prices soaring. Alien invasion! Musical numbers! Dismemberment! Twinkies! Oh, and did I mention this is all done with puppets? From Phoenix’s own Skeleton Puppet Theatre, comes this tale of…well, the title says it all, as described by a heroic reporter for KRAP TV. All that stands between our planet and extra-terrestrial domination is a brave little girl with a basket of Hostess products. Can she save the day or is Earth doomed? Find out, in what’s among the most jaw-droppingly memorable use of puppets you’ll have ever seen. Sesame Street, this isn’t…


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