Golden Earrings

81 mins Adult 2010 US United States of America
Dramas  /  Thrillers



A young woman fears she is losing her mind after her best friend disappears.


How well do you know your best friends? 'Golden Earrings' is a thriller about a young woman whose highly dependent relationship with her roommate is more than simple friendship. Ronnie and Sara are best friends and for Ronnie, more than friends. And when Sara disappears, Ronnie's world becomes unraveled as she copes with Sara's disappearance and her guilt over her own involvement. 'Golden Earrings' explores the fine line of friendship, love and dependency. Sometimes, the people you spend all your time with aren't the people you think they are.


Dances With Films
Indie Spirit Film Festival -- Audience Award Best Feature (Won)
Big Bear Lake Film Festival
Shockerfest, Riverbank, California -- Audience Award Best Feature (Won)
Vermont International Film Festival


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