Hawaiian Gardens

108 mins Adult 2001 DE Germany
Foreign  /  Romance



From Percy Adlon, director of Bagdad Cafe.


A TRIANGLED LOVE AND DETECTIVE STORY ABOUT BIG TIME COPYRIGHT FRAUD AND A BIGGER TIME CRUSH. In a strip mall somewhere in the glaring dust of Los Angeles County... Baldi wants Shulzov. Rosa wants Baldi. Shulzov is jealous. Baldi is thirty. Rosa is seventeen. Shulzov is seventy. Rosa is a student. Baldi is a copyright pirate. Shulzov is a famous writer, 'DogShit' his cult novel. Rosa's passion are books. Baldi's passion is money. Shulzov's passion is Rosa. Rosa would rather sleep with Baldi. Shulzov would rather kill Baldi. Baldi would rather die for Rosa. Is Baldi a monster? Is Rosa a bitch? Is Shulzov an enigma? Rosa follows Baldi to a small town in Germany, hidden in the expanse of a dark forest.


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