Moving to the Beat

44 mins Teen 2008 SL Sierra Leone
Documentaries  /  Foreign



Follow a hip-hop group from America to Africa and see how hip-hop becomes a bridge between the continents.


In "Moving to the Beat", an African American hip-hop group journeys to Freetown, Sierra Leone to discover a spiritual homeland and resurrect Chuck D’s notion of hip-hop as the “black CNN.” Going against the stereotypes of materialism and misogyny in mainstream rap music, here the language of hip-hop allows for a dialogue between Africans and Black Americans to explore issues of race, gender, war conflict and more, and to confront each side’s stereotype of the other. The result is a deeply forged connection that transcends centuries of misunderstanding and separation.


Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO)
Cascade Festival of African Films
African Diaspora International Film Festival
Africa on the Screen
Interional Black Docufest
Africa in the Picture


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