86 mins Teen 2010 US United States of America
Comedies  /  Dramas



A coming-of-age film about chance and fate in the suburbs.


On a quiet summer night before the Fourth of July, everything is but ordinary for five teenagers. An unlucky college-bound young man wearily ventures into a blind date in which he’s invested all hope. A cynical teen kidnapped by his party-going older brother is forced into an destructive odyssey. A naïve young couple plots one final night in a town that he’s ready to forget but she may not be. Strangers to each other, they drift through the lonely suburban landscape, weaving in and out of each others’ lives as they search for some bigger meaning. Instead, they discover that it’s the small moments that can come to mean everything.


SNOB (Somewhat North of Boston) Film Festival -- Finalist (Nominated)


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