Road Side Assistance

77 mins Adult 2008 US United States of America



Death is the end of all Happiness.


A happy couple will face a tragic circumstance on their tenth year anniversary. This tragic situation changes the scope of things as Matthew Brenner seeks revenge while trying to find answers to why this terrible event happened. As Matthew digs deeper to search for a valid reason so does his supposedly belated wife Pauly. Later on, we discover that Pauly was only living his image, acting like him, and following through on her belated husband. The more people sought for ROAD SIDE ASSISTANCE, the more deadly was the reason to kill. That trucker should have never pulled a hit ‘n’ run on one of the happy couple. No one from that day forward dared sought for roadside help. Karma isn’t the payback of one person’s act but many share it. We will all pay for the guilt of one man.


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