Secret Insanity

84 mins Adult 2007 CA Canada



A riveting horror movie about a couple discovering the terrible secret of their new home.


Synopsys In order to balance their romantic life, Matt and Caroline Harper are finally moving into their new house, to live their dream. From New York city to somewhere in the Catskills, the couple will soon discover that appearances are sometimes deceiving. Shortly after moving in, and making the acquaintance of their neighbors (A strange lady and her even more peculiar son, Victor), Matt and Caroline are led to believe that this new dream house of theirs, hides a terrible secret ready to be unraveled. Not only will they have to face with an evil force, but they will also have no choice but to fight for what is theirs; if they can stay alive at all.


IndieGathering Film Festival and Convention (Cleveland) -- Honorable Mention (Nominated)


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