80 mins Adult 2011 US United States of America



Sometimes Life Just Blows


It goes from bad to worse for comedian Zach Winters. Getting beat up by a heckler and dumped by his long time girlfriend are the least of his worries when a chance encounter with an old friend from high school leads to him inadvertently becoming the wheel-man in a bank robbery where a hostage is taken. That hostage turns out to be up and coming TV starlet Jenna Davidson. Now it's up to Zach to stay alive long enough to escape with the ungrateful and extremely high-maintenance starlet, while trying to convince his ex to give him one more chance. That is, if he survives bullets whizzing by his head, being stranded in the middle of nowhere with the F.B.I. hunting him down.


Trail Dance Film Festival (Duncan, Oklahoma) -- Audience Choice Award (Won)
Geneva Film Festival
Central Florida film fest -- Best Feature Film (Nominated)
Illinois International Film Festival


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