Stag Party

15 mins Teen 2004 US United States of America
Comedies  /  LGBTQ



Dan’s stag party is a night to remember – until he blacks out and wakes up naked, next to someone who isn’t his fiancé.


At their pre-wedding dinner, Beth asks Best Man Steven if he is in love with her fiancé, Dan. Steven admits he once had feelings for Dan – but he’s over it. Beth wants Steven, as someone who loves him, to make sure Dan doesn’t do anything stupid at his stag party – like fuck the stripper. He promises. The party is a wild drunken affair. Dan keeps drinking and dancing with the sexy stripper – until the next thing he knows it is morning and he wakes up – naked – next to someone. There is lipstick on his face and a bikini top around his neck. But when he accidentally pulls the sheet off, it is a naked Steven who wakes with a start – and neither can remember exactly what happened…


Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival
LA Shorts Fest
Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
New York International Independent Film & Video Festival


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