The Carrot Cake Conversations

97 mins Teen 2008 SG Singapore
Dramas  /  Foreign  /  Romance



Four Strangers. One Local Delicacy.


"The Carrot Cake Conversations" is the story of four strangers, who find themselves stranded in Singapore, two days before Christmas and how they find companionship over a plate of carrot cake and a conversation. The story follows the journey of Kate, a failed American actress, who’s in transit in Singapore for one night, on her way to New Zealand to set up her dream Café. Kate meets Daniel, a disheveled businessman who recently caught his wife cheating on him, Matthew, a rich property mogul who finds himself at the crossroads of his life, and Ruth, a prostitute who longs to be Singapore’s first blues singer. In their conversations, they talk about love, life, loss, carrot cake, Singapore being alone, Christmas, their dreams, their fears, their hopes, and at the end of one night, because of their conversation with a complete stranger, they become different people. This story seeks to prove the possibility that a conversation can change everything and that sometimes in life, all we have to do is talk.


Anchorage International Film Festival


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