The Puritans

24 mins Teen 2013 US United States of America
Dramas  /  Sci-Fi & Fantasy



A traditional family escapes the modern world and returns to a past century.


The Puritans is a short suspense drama that revolves around a soldier who returns home from a war to discover that his family has eerily returned to a late-nineteenth century life-style in a desperate attempt to escape from the "perversions" of the modern world.


Garden State Film Festival
Manhattan Film Festival
Long Island International Film Expo
HollyShorts Film Festival
Other Venice Film Festival
Rainier Independent Film Festival
JamFest Indie Film Festival
New Filmmakers New York
Columbia Gorge Film Festival
Underexposed Film Festival
Naperville Independent Film Festival
Chichester Film Festival
Marbella International Film Festival
Social Justice Film Festival
Melbourne Underground Film Festival -- Best Short (Nominated)


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