The Velvet Underground: Under Review

85 mins Teen 2006 US United States of America
Arts  /  Documentaries



RIP Lou Reed! Remembering The Velvet Underground. An 85-minute documentary.

An independent critical review of the music and career of one of Rock 'n Roll's most influential collectives.


"The Velvet Underground - Under Review" is a documentary reviewing the music and career of one of rock music's most influential collectives; a band which esteemed music journalist Lester Bangs claims 'started modern music'. It features interviews with drummer Maureen Tucker, rare musical performances never available before as well as obscure footage, rare interviews and private photographs of and with Lou Reed, Andy Warhol, Sterling Morrison and John Cale. The film also features; rarely seen promo films; material from Andy Warhol's private film collection; interviews with colleagues, producers, musicians and friends; TV clips; location shots and a host of other features.


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