Winning the Peace

19 mins Adult 2004 US United States of America



An Iraqi-American Marine returns to Iraq to redeem his place of birth, only to destroy the very people he hoped to save.


On June 14th, 2003, The New York Times ran a photograph on its front page of an American soldier kneeling and embracing one of his fellow men. Upon reading the caption, the reader discovers the cause of the soldier’s anguish: Iraqi children have been maimed by unexploded battlefield ordinance. This image of war in the 21st Century begs for back story. Beyond the immediate tragedy of the destruction of a innocent lives, the events that produced this image had to reflect something fundamental about this particular war, for both the men in the photo and for their fellow Americans. Winning the Peace is the story of an Iraqi American Marine on a personal crusade to redeem his place of birth. Following Aristotle’s rule of thumb that tragedy must befall noble men, our hero believes strongly in America’s mission in Iraq. His actions around his men belie a deeper belief in the righteousness of his duties beyond professional soldiering. Ultimately our hero's moral imperative to torment the wicked and save the aggrieved proves untenable. He fails and as we watch him, his failure is our failure, the failure of our belief in brutality as a means to an end.


Other Venice Film Festival -- Jury Award (Won)
Fargo Film Festival -- Honorable Mention (Won)
Ovation Short Film Competition -- Best Drama (Nominated)
Petaluma Film Festival - Short Film Showcase
Monaco Charity Film Festival
Reel Shorts Film Festival (Alberta)
Cincinnati World Cinema Shorts Fest
LA Asian Pacific Film Festival -- Golden Reel (Nominated)
Antelope Valley Independent Film Festival
Emirates Film Competition
Delray Beach Film Festival
International Jewish Film Festival at USC
Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival
Riverside International Film Festival
Mountain Top: Human Rights Film Festival
Kawasaki Digital Short Film Festival -- Excellence in Short Filmmaking (Won)
Berkeley Video & Film Festival -- Best Student Film (Won)
Vermont International Film Festival
West Fest Film Festival
Ojai Film Festival
DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival
Vincent T. Slavin Student Film & Video Festival -- Short Fiction (Won)
Angelus Awards Student Film Festival
The Big Bear International Film Festival -- Audience Award (Won)
Orinda Film Festival -- Audience Award (Won)
San Diego Asian Film Festival
LA International Short Film Festival
Boston Film Festival
Rhode Island International Film Festival -- Best Score (Won)
Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films
Palm Beach International Film Festival
Santa Cruz Film Festival International Cine -- Best Short (Won)
Newport Beach Film Festival
Method Fest
ION International Animation, Games and Short Film Festival
USA Film Festival (Dallas)
DIY Film Festival


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